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  • adj. Resembling a hag or some aspect of one; hideous, cronelike.


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hag +‎ -like


  • Die enigste heenkome wat sy vir haar en haar kinders kon vind, was die toiletgeriewe op 'n nabygeleë sprotveld, waar sy tesame met ander afgesette plaaswerkers van die omgewing, in haglike omstandighede, beskerming teen wind en weer gesoek het.

    African National Congress Parliamentary Caucus

  • Enkele oomblikke hierna ten spyte van die skote, was die aanval weer geloods en ten spyte van ons haglike omstandighede was ek nog nie bereid om direk op die skare te vuur en sodoende van hulle te dood of te beseer nie.

    'I Saw a Nightmare …' Doing Violence to Memory: The Soweto Uprising, June 16, 1976

  • In the center was a grotesque figure: an old woman with a black dress, disheveled white hair, and a wart-covered, haglike face.

    Night World No. 1

  • The next servants to enter the suite were a pair of haglike old crones with faces fit to frighten fish out of water; they attended to the cleaning and picking up of the suite, and took themselves out again with an admirable efficiency and haste.


  • Beyond the canyon rose a forbidding array of black crags and frowning cliffs, a wild, haglike chaos of broken black rock.

    Conan the Wanderer

  • Black Meg, indeed, was much as she had always been, except that her hair was now grey and her features, which seemed to be covered with yellow parchment, had become sharp and haglike, though her dark eyes still burned with their ancient fire.

    Lysbeth, a Tale of the Dutch

  • a rocking chair to the foot of the bed and seating herself put her forefinger up to each temple and drew out from their hiding places under the mass of her black hair two long gray locks and let these hang down haglike across her bosom.

    Bride of the Mistletoe


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