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  • adj. tormented, harassed or worried
  • adj. overburdened by fear or dread


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

hag +‎ ridden


  • So this morning, hagridden with guilt, I've been getting stuck into my backlog of mail, which includes some lovely readers 'letters from various places.


  • She has not repeated her belief that we are cursed, but there is something about the darkness of her eyes and the pallor of her face that tells me she is hagridden.

    The White Queen

  • It is hagridden by uncertainties and apprehension.

    War And Recession

  • Considering that his books are positively hagridden by his Message of watered-down Randism, it seems odd to accuse them of thematic vacuity; but the accusation holds just the same.

    The most inaccurate quiz ever

  • Our society is hagridden by fear of consequences without the actual risk being weighed.

    Relative risk | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • Only those who have been hagridden can know how tricky the slugs are, how constantly one must be on guard - or how deeply one must hate.

    The Sudden Curve:

  • His great sorrow is the fact that TunFaire is a city already hagridden by a backbreaking oversupply of priests and religions.

    Angry Lead Skies

  • It was obvious to the rational side of her mind that she was well and truly losing it, hagridden by the specters of her past just at the time she most needed to be clearheaded and objective.

    A Darker Place

  • None of it soothed his spirit, and so he paced the room, hagridden.


  • TunFaire is overcrowded and hagridden by poverty and hardly a day passes when somebody doesn't whittle on somebody with a hatchet or do cosmetic surgery with a hammer.

    Dread Brass Shadows


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