from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. Cream that has been slightly fermented and thickened with lactic acid, often used as a topping or an ingredient in sauces.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

French : crème, cream + fraîche, fresh.


  • And you know what that means besides a big spike in hair-coloring sales and instant billionaire status for whoever makes the first pair of comfortable high heels?

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  • What's gotta be understood is this: Formulas (formulae?) are for Julia Child recipes and hair-coloring, but never for Hollywood or Broadway fare.

    David Finkle: Seeing Stars in Hollywood and New York

  • Hair salons heavily push hair-coloring products, too.

    What Women Want

  • "Well ... it looks like one of those hair-coloring things."

    Rick Horowitz: There's Nothing Wrong with Geithner's Brain...

  • Stop using hairsprays, gels and hair-coloring products.

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  • The men's hair-coloring business is now above $100 million, three to five times what it was 10 years ago, says Combe Inc., maker of Grecian Formula and Just for Men.

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  • The cosmetic industry estimates that between one half and two thirds of adult American women and many men regularly use some kind of hair-coloring product — and sales are steadily climbing as the baby boomers age.

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  • She told Pat none of her clients have ever told her they've had a bad reaction to hair-coloring products, but she has heard some complain that their scalps itch after the dye is applied.

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  • It has been a major component of most hair-coloring products used in the western world since the 1880s and has caused problems almost since it was first developed, according to the American Contact Dermatitis Society — which named PPD its "allergen of the year" in 2006.

    A Real Head Scratcher

  • Researchers urged that “the removal of carcinogens from hair dyes and appropriate labeling of hair-coloring products would help reduce this potential risk.”

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