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  • n. Plural form of hairball.


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  • Analysts liked to joke that the BAG excelled not at finding bad guys, but at coughing up "hairballs," a tangled mass of connections among thousands of people, places, and events.

    Too Much Information

  • The sources for the DNA are about 20 frozen mammoth "hairballs" found in Siberia, which are, surprisingly, better specimens to work with than mammoth bones; the DNA in bones had been contaminated much more due to the intrusion of microbes.

    Planet Atheism

  • My cats hairballs would mop the floor with palin in a debate …

    Think Progress » Bachmann claims Romney doesn’t believe RomneyCare was ‘a good thing for’ Massachusetts.

  • All Sayers's hallmarks are here – ingenuity, in-depth research (but without the hairballs of factual information that too often clogged up the originals), dialogue peppered with quotations, and archness of tone (but without the grating snobbery).

    Laura Wilson's crime fiction choice - review

  • But we just accept the horror of the vet trip as the unavoidable fallout — like cleaning up regurgitated hairballs — of life with felines.

    Pet Talk: Curb your cat's conniptions at the vet

  • Mornings, we'd be squatting and cleaning up cat hairballs.

    freewrite - unfinished

  • Joel Achenbach, whose writing has always appeared to me as easy as breathing, admits in his blog post that he in fact gasps and pants and wheezes his way through his copy, coughing up large, paragraph-sized hairballs every once in a while like the rest of us.

    Story pick: Coughing up copy, one hairball at a time

  • They just can't help but puke up their little confessional hairballs right there on the candle-lit table, and, if you're the kind of person who keeps finding yourself in rotten relationships, you can't help but fill in the blanks with a story that suits your needs.

    Jen Sincero: How to Stop Dating the Wrong People

  • "I'm hacking up hairballs at times," Ms. Carillo reported.

    The Dog Show's TV Ace

  • This woman who happily clears hairballs from the throats of cats, rolls around on the floor with labrador retrievers and allows horses to lick sugar cubes from her hand is absolutely petrified by the alleged mouse in the house.

    Charlie Carillo: Catch Him, But Don't Kill Him


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