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  • adj. Alternative form of hair-raising.


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  • Mr Prescott said he witnessed 'hairraising' conversations between Tony Blair and Mr Bush in the run-up to war.

    Home | Mail Online

  • A slightly different account of the Loughnan affair, and the matter of The Queen v. William Pearson was printed in the law columns of the Argus (Melbourne) on Tuesday, March 2, 1847 (p. 4), and gives an even more hairraising transcription of the crucial piece of evidence that was ultimately struck out and suppressed by Mr. Justice à Beckett (the italics are mine):

    The Loughnan Affair again

  • We have done that twice now with the RV, it's a bit hairraising but wonderful.

    Driving Across Mexico or Topping the Topes

  • Facing the IRS and facing whatever decision they come to as to what you owe them or don't owe them is hairraising.

    My Little Red Top, You've Got Me Spinning...Spinning A-round

  • Even worse, a friend of mine WAS a drug rep for Merck--the stories she told me were hairraising.

    A Drug Company Joins the "Happy Feet" Movie Tie-Ins

  • The first book of his I read, and I highly recommend it as an introduction to the dude, was The Blind Barber, a well-written hairraising blood-curdler featuring the deductive reasoning of a character Carr called, Doctor Gideon Fell, a huge man who needed two canes to get about and whose detective style more resembled that of old Doctor Samuel Johnson than it did Sherlock Holmes.

    Non-Hollywood Compos Mentis

  • "Smuggler's Escape," a hairraising "Dream"; which is relieved by cheerful lines on a "Sycamore Tree," an appeal to

    History of the University of North Carolina. Volume I: From its Beginning to the Death of President Swain, 1789-1868

  • Some of the climbing towards the summit was pretty hairraising, and not far off vertical! Recent Updates

  • As if that isn't hairraising enough, this video also captures the moment Ahdili Wuxiuer broke a second world record by climbing over his pupil Saddar in the middle of the wire. - Home

  • Allen’s oft-repeated stories of life with his mother were hairraising to Guy and his younger half brothers.

    Every Breath You Take


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