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  • n. Variant of hakim1.


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  • The leader cast a covetous glance toward the poor Syrian traveler, who was generally called the hakeem because of the medicines which he gave, and the many cures which he wrought.

    The Children's Portion

  • ANEAL (2 _syl_.), daughter of Maä'ni, who loves Djabal, and believes him to be "hakeem '" (the incarnate god and founder of the Druses) returned to life for the restoration of the people and their return to

    Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol. 1 A Revised American Edition of the Reader's Handbook

  • I wonder if he would still consider having a no conditions interview with Ahmadinejad? hakeem

    Live Blog from the Anchor Desk 09/25/09

  • On March 2nd 2009, hakeem wrote: oh man i know whats next Child support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so chris you better get ready i still think you were wrong for beating her

    Rihanna Dating Negus Sealy

  • The hakeem raised a hand deprecating the interruption.

    Tales of Destiny

  • But a general smile among the company showed the hakeem that his calling was held in no undue reverence, at least by those without present need of his ministrations.

    Tales of Destiny

  • Other members of the party had now arisen, each intent on his own affairs, one arranging his garments, another settling his turban straight on his head, the hakeem adjusting the little box of instruments and simples he carried at his girdle, the Moslem astrologer spreading his prayer carpet at the end of the veranda and prostrating himself in the direction of Mecca.

    Tales of Destiny

  • By general although unspoken assent, the eyes of all the company were now directed to the venerable hakeem, as if to invite from him the next contribution to the night's entertainment.

    Tales of Destiny

  • "O prince of philosophers in pedlar's disguise!" murmured the hakeem.

    Tales of Destiny

  • "A true philosopher, despite your bales of merchandise," murmured the hakeem, with a smiling nod of approval for the sentiments expressed.

    Tales of Destiny


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