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  • noun Plural form of halacha.


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  • At five years of age, one is ready for the study of the Written Torah, at ten years of age for the study of the Oral Torah, at thirteen for bar mitzvah [the religious coming-of-age ceremony], at fifteen for the study of halachot [rabbinic legal decisions], at eighteen for marriage, at twenty for pursuing a vocation, at thirty for entering one's full vigor….

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  • Many of the Orthodox certifications have raised the counterargument that even if these halachot should be followed, we would be doing a wrong by conflating those concerns with kashrut, and that a kashrut certification should mean kosher food and nothing else.

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  • So a book about religious practices specific to Judaism would naturally zero in on the halachot whose parameters are clearest and which differ from what might be expected the good old Hava Amina factor.

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  • This is about much more than just halachot of which there will certainly be some differing opinions on most issues but really about worldview.

    *öÄéÌåÉï áÌÀîÄùÑÀôÌÈè úÌÄôÌÈãÆä åÀùÑÈáÆéäÈ áÌÄöÀãÈ÷Èä | Jewschool

  • Birkat HaChama and saying "Vten Tal Umatar" outside Israel [12] [13] are the two halachot that are defined by the seasons.

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  • Rav Avraham Ibn Ezra [29] explains this seemingly contradiction that Tekufat Shmuel is based on simpler (i.e. "rounded off") numbers in order that the calculations required for halachot that are applicable to each and every individual (Birkat HaChama and Vten Tal Umatar) be easier to calculate.

    Hirhurim - Musings

  • We are not familiar with these halachot because the commadment is not active today.

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  • The commandment of killing Amalek, like all commandments, has its halachot (laws).

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  • He will extrapolate innumerable halachot from each of the crowns. '

    The Muqata

  • And, to take the flipside and as a denizen of many an orthodox shul this is sadly common enough if you walk to shul on shabbos because, though it would be easier to drive, halacha forbids it, and talk about the stockmarket in shul because you don’t care what halacha says about that, then you are observing the halachot of shabbos but not the halachot of prayer.

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