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  • n. Plural form of halbert.


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  • They diilributed among the foldiers of the firft line the javelins ufed by the triarii, which were a kind of halberts, ordering them to prefent the points of their javelins to the enemy, and keep them at fuch a diftance as to prevent them from making ufe of their fwords.

    An universal history, from the earliest accounts to the present time

  • Their next business was to distribute among the boldest of the rioters the guns, bayonets, partisans, halberts, and battle or Lochaber axes.

    The Heart of Mid-Lothian

  • Two others are standing, armed with halberts, of whom one holds a plumed hat.

    Roundabout Papers

  • Street — Imagination Street — the street where lovely ladies look from balconies, where cavaliers strike mandolins and draw swords and engage, where long processions pass, and venerable hermits, with long beards, bless the kneeling people: where the rude soldiery, swaggering through the place with flags and halberts, and fife and dance, seize the slim waists of the daughters of the people, and bid the pifferari play to their dancing.

    The Newcomes

  • After we had written our names, she showed us into a large room or hall on the right-hand side on the ground floor, where were some helmets and ancient halberts, and also some pictures of great personages.

    Wild Wales : Its People, Language and Scenery

  • The sword of the last-named famous corsair (a most truculent little scimitar), thousands of pikes and halberts, little old cannons and wall-pieces, helmets and cuirasses, which the knights or their people wore, are trimly arranged against the wall, and, instead of spiking Turks or arming warriors, now serve to point morals and adorn tales.

    Notes of a Journey From Cornhill to Grand Cairo

  • Claverhouse, and the Provost of the borough, followed by half-a-dozen soldiers, and town-officers with halberts, entered the apartment of Niel

    Old Mortality

  • Tiberius no sooner communicated this confederacy to those about him, but they immediately tucked up their gowns, broke the halberts which the officers used to keep the crowd off into pieces, and distributed them among themselves, resolving to resist the attack with these.

    The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans

  • Ye may loose him from the halberts and let him go free,

    The Deserter (3)

  • And when he reached the great portal of the cathedral, the soldiers thrust their halberts out and said, 'What dost thou seek here?

    The Young King


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