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  • adj. superlative form of hale: most hale.


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  • Even the halest of the harvest-ships had lost some main power and drive capacity to shark attack.


  • There was a deep sadness in his heart, and when he arose and by chance saw his face in the glass it was the face of a ghost If the halest of young men will live in alternations of frost and fire for six weeks on end, he must expect to pay for it.

    Despair's Last Journey

  • he drops weight. he wears bermuda shorts. his beard is a lustrous red, like a sunburst bobbing when he laughs - and he has the richest, halest laugh you've ever heard and it comes so easily to him.

    Santa Claus is neither fat, nor red

  • Some degree of needing to worry about ability and disability on a personal level is inevitable for even the halest-and-healthiest, and I’d argue that it’s fear and arrogance, most of all, that keeps us from acknowledging it and maybe looking into helping society better serve those of us not currently in the able-bodied column.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • "Notwithstanding all my researches," he wrote, "the utmost I can discover is the following stanza which Gunner Israel Spettigew -- vulgarly termed Uncle Issy -- one of my halest veterans, remembers to have heard sung in his youth:

    The Mayor of Troy


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