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  • A half hour later I cut the engine on the outboard and we floated into a quiet stretch of cypress-dotted water on Bayou Benoit, our wake sliding through the tree trunks into the shore.

    Jolie Blon’s Bounce

  • Traditionally, a relaxation pose—Shavasana—concludes every yoga practice, with five minutes allotted for every half hour of practice.

    Itsy Bitsy Yoga

  • Throughout the crisis, moreover, Kissinger was simultaneously giving the press background briefings insisting that the United States was not anti-Indian, and telling his colleagues in Washington that Nixon was determined to tilt in favor of Pakistan and that I am getting hell every half hour from the President that we are not being tough enough on India.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • When I drive into the city, as I did that day at about a half hour past noon, I tend to think of it as Jenny Goes to the Big City.

    I. O. U.

  • A half hour later, they arrived back at Nias house.

    The After Wife

  • Reordered—the word Derek had just used not twenty minutes before, half hour tops, about why people blew things up.

    The Six Rules of Maybe

  • After a half hour of hiking along the rock-strewn rim of the ancient high volcanic crater, I was shivering hard from the ice-cold blast, but I eventually found the summit, where I squatted behind a hand-stacked wall of rocks at 12,633 feet.

    127 Hours

  • The mill-hands and loggers had been thinning out for the last half hour or so—as the Bolt brothers left, the last customers to go, Captain Clancey was already helping Wu Sin to snuff the lamps.


  • A half hour later I turned off the outside floodlamps and the string of electric lights that ran the length of the dock.

    Jolie Blon’s Bounce

  • Astrix and Ryde showed up a half hour later, coming into the cave more gracefully than Croy, but with their own stories of running from hovercars.



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