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  • adv. In a half-assed manner; poorly or incompetently


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  • Without a ready supply of oil, how will be produce the thousands of plastic bags necessary to half-assedly clean up after offshore drilling spills?

    Oil Three « Gerry Canavan

  • Sliding without apparent effort into the baggy matrix of Apatow-ness, where every character — however half-assedly written — is allowed his or her lopsided human value, Brand played a sharp-tongued, oversexed cheeky-monkey rock star with the accent of a Blakean chimney sweep.

    Brit Wit

  • I couldn't come close to what Steve was doing, but I could at least, even if half-assedly blog a little.

    Why I Write

  • It's more ironic that the universe is half-assedly put together, then any so called smearing of artificial intelligence, or some ancient flawed idea that the mind is not physically bound to the substrate of space and time.

    A True or False Prophet?

  • If I am told an opinion that I agree with even half-assedly, I offer a hearty "absolutely" as a show of my support.

    Una LaMarche: How Not to Interview a Famous Person

  • Just not half-assedly executed on a giant pile of poo.

    The Yuletide is Coming In

  • So I dunno, I guess I'll just keep on slowly sipping my drink here, half-assedly watching the hockey game (I might actually turn the volume on now) and exercise a little while I kill some time before calling Capital City Guy.

    I'm Supposed To Be The Withdrawn Angry One, Dammit!

  • So now he's not coming, cuz he doesn't want to stay in Cracktown overnight ... he kinda half-assedly offered to still drive me up there Saturday morning, but I pretty much told him just to forget it.

    You Can't Depend On Anyone But Yourself

  • Unsurprisingly, Cloverfield comes to us half-assedly packaged like a secret government file if they wanted to maintain the illusion, why not go all the way as did the film?

    Cloverfield (2008)

  • I was raised Catholic (albeit half-assedly, and in the 70s, when the Church had its brief moment of reform and liberalization before JPII got his hands on it and reversed all that), in the Northeast (New Jersey and Connecticut).

    No religious test? Coulda fooled me!


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