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  • Noting holes in plates (which are to be riveted together) which do not coincide or match, those of one plate being partly covered by the other plate.


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  • If you rely just on data from land, you're half-blind.

    Scientists Misjudged Quake Potential

  • I might be half-blind, but I can tell a good soul when I see one.

    Surrender the Dark

  • Prime Minister Gordon Brown was recently awarded a Best Actor BAFTA for his portrayal of a half-blind, malformed scruffy, deluded fantasist who believes himself to be a world statesman - a performance described by the academy as 'on a par with Olivier's Richard III'.

    Mandelson Nominated for BAFTA

  • Laugh at the deluded, half-blind political wannabe - then turn your backs.

    Laughter Is The Best Medicine

  • Brown warned the world that they have '50 days to save my career', and said that he faces a catastrophic future of tragic opinion polls, election defeats and global ignominy if world leaders don't come up with ways of convincing the world he isn't a bumbling, half-blind, gibbering loon with a grasp on reality that is tenuous at best.

    Brown: World has '50 Days to Save My Career'

  • They've become a staring contest between half-blind fools.

    A Bear Hunt in Riga

  • Unless Americans see the images and narratives that shape how others see us, the US will not be able to overcome its reputation as the world's half-blind bully.

    Naomi Wolf: I Want My Al Jazeera

  • For the love of God, they've even got Jessica Lange playing a mad Southern belle and Frances "Six Feet Under" Conroy as an ageing, half-blind housekeeper who has been there a carefully unspecified number of years.

    Cable girl: American Horror Story

  • Sula is back home, with her mother and sister and half-blind beagle, and England is more than 5,000 miles away: frozen pictures in albums, an unraveling pair of wool mittens, a book that has been closed and put back on the shelf.

    Guitar Lessons

  • Well, my right cornea is still mostly opaque, but I did write 1359 words today despite being half-blind.

    outside the domain of your effective powers i had a little plastic life


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