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  • adj. Halfway or partially broken; somewhat broken.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Middle English *half-broken, from Old English healfbrocen ("half-broken"), equivalent to half- +‎ broken. Compare Dutch half gebroken ("half-broken").


  • He has four TVs—including a 46-inch Internet TV and a 37-inch screen in what he called a "mini man cave"—but still prefers a transistor radio and his pair of half-broken headphones.

    Catching the Knicks, 1960s-Style

  • All of the furniture—the dressers in the bedrooms, the wooden stand in the hallway for mail and the telephone, the kitchen table—looked dumpy and half-broken.

    Dirty Secret

  • The last of them, astride a Palomina three-year-old that was as graceful and wild as a half-broken Arab, was for riding by with a bare salute, but was stopped by his employer.


  • The one, half-amphibian, breasting the water with muscular arms, could not hope to overtake or escape an enemy who propelled a fire-hollowed tree trunk by means of a wooden paddle; nor could the other, trusting to his own nimbleness, compete with a foe who careered wildly across the plain on the back of a half-broken stallion.

    The Shrinkage of the Planet

  • Four minutes later, the master called for the end of the game, and the boys gracefully pulled up their horses and waited again, panting, their gazes fixed upon the half-broken target, which was littered with arrows.

    Shadow Princess

  • Mary picked up a half-broken chair, wedged one leg in a crack in the small fireplace, and began to break the wood into smaller pieces.

    One Night in Scotland

  • He did not ride particularly well, and in the scene as planned he would be mounting a half-broken mare only a few feet from a precipice that would have produced a very considerable fall.


  • Julian unlocked the half-broken door of the study he was in, and peered cautiously into the hall.

    An Open Letter to Fans of South Plains Football

  • Yesterday, he had begged leave to be absent from the court and taken a wild, half-broken horse from the stables and ridden out into the wind on an impulse to rid himself of the unaccountable feeling.

    Dearly Beloved

  • But that's the thing about Christmas - the sentiment is so strong that you never throw out even the worst, most threadbare, tarnished, half-broken ornaments.

    There Is NO War on Christmas! Jesus Told Me So!


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