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  • n. A cue, used only in English billiards, the length of which is halfway between that of a long and that of an ordinary cue.


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  • Dim-wits! white man and his half-butt police state!

    Think Progress » Buchanan Argues For Immigration Moratorium To Preserve White Dominance

  • I don't know about you, but I find the idea of sticking your half-butt behind your ear for safe keeping rather repulsive.

    Where am I going...and why am I in this handbasket?

  • [with the half-butt as an engine of public opinion] till the rumour went abroad that young men who used the Tail Twisters as a crutch to the

    Under the Deodars

  • Report Abuse let us yankee fans enjoy our title regardless of how much money they pay their players, steroids are the past of most teams not only yankees just some players were able to cover their tracks alot better than others. as to how much front office pays the players i have a question for you sore losers if there was twenty companies that did the work you do would you go to the company that pays more and is recognized as an elite company or would you go to the company that pays half-butt and known as a LOSER

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News

  • An extremely long queue -- almost a half-butt in fact. "

    The Holiday Round


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