from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. that portion of the deck next below the spar deck which is between the mainmast and the cabin.
  • n. A shell of the genus Crepidula; a boat shell. See boat shell.
  • n. See Half deck, under Deck.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. See deck, 2.
  • n. The slipper-limpet, Crepidula fornicata, or a related species, the shell being likened to a half-decked vessel.


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  • Oh, August was no tyro in the field of building houses; he had both poured walls and built houses long years before, and he regarded this “half-deck” arrangement as anything but a practical solution to the problem at hand, for there would have to be a row of pillars to support it.

    The Road Leads On

  • He suggested a three-foot concrete “half-deck” over the cellar along the entire rear wall which would lie outside the floor plan of the house and which could serve very well as a terrace.

    The Road Leads On

  • The upper deck was similarly raised from the stern-post to the mainmast, forming a half-deck, under which the cabins were placed.

    The South Pole; an account of the Norwegian antarctic expedition in the 'Fram', 1910 to 1912

  • On this half-deck, immediately forward of the funnel, a deck-house was placed, arranged as a chart-house, from which two companions (one on each side) led down to the cabins.

    The South Pole; an account of the Norwegian antarctic expedition in the 'Fram', 1910 to 1912

  • The beams of the main-deck are of American or German oak, those of the lower deck and half-deck of pitch-pine and Norwegian fir.

    The South Pole; an account of the Norwegian antarctic expedition in the 'Fram', 1910 to 1912

  • I opened the door, went to the half-deck, went up the central stairs.

    Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

  • Slowly, slowly the connecting rods begin to pick up speed, and the heat from the boiler builds, and more water spills across the heavy-timbered half-deck that holds the engine.

    The Magic Engineer

  • But it was unlike the interior of any ship I'd ever seen, it was so big and roomy; on either side, about four feet above the deck on which we stood, there was a kind of half-deck, perhaps seven feet deep, like a gigantic shelf, and above that yet another shelf of the same size.

    Flash For Freedom

  • The two then crept in under the half-deck; and, covering themselves up with the cutter's gaff-topsail, which had been placed within the cabin along with some spare canvas, dropped off into a sound slumber, forgetting their sad plight and their hunger alike, in sleep, the yacht meanwhile still floating along, down Channel, in a west-by-north direction with the ebb.

    Bob Strong's Holidays Adrift in the Channel

  • Peter, with his single strong arm, took the other starboard berth, and Regnar was bow oar, or, rather, paddle, while Carlo's place was under the half-deck forward.

    Adrift in the Ice-Fields


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