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  • n. Plural form of half-dollar.


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  • Across the left ankle, from instep to heel, were scattered half a dozen scars the size of half-dollars.


  • Water falls across my legs from holes in the roof the size of half-dollars.

    The Right Thing

  • By the way, the best way to find silver coins is to request half-dollars from your bank.

    A Counterfeit Penny Made of Gold » E-Mail

  • He pulled out two limpets the size of half-dollars and wiped algae off the undulating brown feet with a corner of his shirt.

    The Humble Limpet (Petalida): A Treasure of the Sea (Η Tαπεινή Πεταλίδα)

  • Kennedy half-dollars are lucky precisely because he and his family have exhausted the possible bad luck that could be associated with them!

    Making Light: Open thread 136

  • Vermont based Johnny Swing is a master of repurposed material, and here we see his collection of seating that uses a variety of coins (quarters, nickels, half-dollars) to produce a couch and some chairs.

    Coin Furniture by Johnny Swing

  • I think I wore out a couple half-dollars by dropping them on the concrete or into the pool as I sat on a lifeguard's chair one summer, fiddling with the coins.

    I Got It Wrong

  • As a child in Los Angeles, I always thought snowflakes were as large as the cutout ones we'd make for arts and crafts, and today, perhaps for the first time in my life, I saw snowflakes that were easily the size of half-dollars and quarters.

    by An Xiao

  • July 4th, 2004 at 4:01 pm i remember when i was a kid my brother would go to the bank and get rolls of dimes and half-dollars, and sort though them for pre-1964 coins made from silver. the silver dimes had roosevelt on one side, the fasces on the other - a bundle of rods symbolizing roman law, ‘out of many one’.

    “a tin of diced carrots was worth practically nothing”: Economics of a POW Camp

  • During the uphill trek, besides panting embarrassingly the whole time, I managed to get what Jenny named "ankle rot" -- large blisters the size of half-dollars on the back of my heels.

    Trix are for kids.


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