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  • n. Alternative form of halfgod.

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  • n. A demigod.


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  • The demigod is often part god — half-god in the case of Heracles, two-thirds in the case of Gilgamesh.

    A Theory of Modes and Modalities

  • They are the half-man, half-god heroes who walked the world in days of yore.

    Why Christians Should Go Ahead and Be Pagan

  • When the king claimed the scepter of kings, he set off to lay siege on the royal castle, which was occupied by skaven, lead by the dreaded half-god Kaaskop (Cheesehead, a common and rather mild insult in Dutch).


  • Basic Story: You would think being half-god would entitle you to a wonderful life, or at least an average one, but Perseus Jackson would tell you otherwise.

    January « 2008 « Morgan Dempsey

  • The Rhinemaidens sing their opening measures while "swimming," suspended by wires; tenor Richard Croft, playing the role of Loge, the half-god of fire, has to scamper backward up a steeply slanted ramp, helped by wires connected to his body.

    'Ring' Cycle To Debut At Metropolitan Opera With High-Tech 'Das Rheingold'

  • They're about, hey, a half-blood, Percy Jackson, only he's half-god and half human what do you think that makes you, he gets asked, some kind of hero, in one of the touches that makes me giggle uncontrollably, the son of Poseidon by a human mother, which causes him all sorts of troubles in the mortal world.

    The Kid and I read Books

  • The ancient philosopher and storyteller Plato introduced the story of a fantastic island-city habited by half-god/half-human citizens.

    Dvd Season | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles

  • Do they need a frame of reference for a half-god strongman?


  • Replace wizards with the half-human, half-god children of the Greek gods (who are still alive in the 21st century), replace magic school with summer camp, and you have the idea.

    ccfinlay: Riordan: The Sea of Monsters

  • Hercules is half-god and protects humans from the pantheon of gods who would play with human lives; Xena used be very bad and now is making up for her past crimes by helping the helpless.

    I love syndicated TV


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