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  • Why I am Scared of 4th St. Because I have been, as dd_b put it earlier in the week, sitting under the short story tree: that is, half-ripe short stories keep falling down around me, many of them hitting me on the head.

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • It was light green in color, like a half-ripe guava.


  • The giant lizard the color of a half-ripe guava was sitting in front of this wall, pretending to be one of the animals at the feet of the Lord Buddha.


  • They should have said something like, The suspect was educated in a school with two-foot-long lizards the color of half-ripe guavas hiding in its cupboards …


  • In fresh, half-ripe form, Bel is used as an antidote for treating diarrhea, hepatitis, TB, dysentery, and dyspepsia.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • Verjus, literally translated as “green juice” and pronounced “vair-ZHOO,” is the fresh, unfermented juice of half-ripe fruit, most often grapes.

    Over the Barrel

  • She specified "half-ripe mangoes" and the note said "Since these are what most commonly pass for mangoes in the Western world, they should not be hard to find" !

    Spice twist- Mango Cardamom chutney

  • Wamba could not be prevented from lingering occasionally on the road, upon every pretence which occurred; now catching from the hazel a cluster of half-ripe nuts, and now turning his head to leer after a cottage maiden who crossed their path.


  • We straggled into Hilo just at dusk, thoroughly wet, jaded, and satisfied, but half-starved, for the rain had converted that which should have been our lunch into a brownish pulp of bread and newspaper, and we had subsisted only on some half-ripe guavas.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • In answer, he bent, plucked a sprig from the ground, and dropped it into my hand-the dark green leaves like small round Chinese fans, a pure white flower on a slender stem, and on another a half-ripe berry, its shoulders pale with shade, blushing crimson at the tip.

    Drums of Autumn


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