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  • n. In the paper trade, a kind of millboard or pasteboard of which there are two sizes: small, 20¼ by 13 inches, and large, 21 by 14 inches.


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  • And if I am kin, and half-royal, still, I had the poor taste to wed a Christian.

    Flashman on the March

  • And if she did that-well, she might not find herself in the "half-royal" category, but she was fairly certain that the five coins she would earn each shift would be silver, not copper.

    The Eagle And The Nightingale

  • Yet while insisting that it was simply a matter of good manners, he nonetheless pointed out that the situation could be reversed only by fresh letters patent, and since the king would not issue these, the Windsors remained permanent, half-royal exiles - arguably the desired effect.

    NYT > Home Page

  • House Tallaine was second only to the High King’s line for wealth and power; the Tallaine had married into the palace so many times that their own blood was half-royal.


  • Lowest is five coppers each shift, highest-well, we only had one person ever get highest, that was a half-royal. "

    The Eagle And The Nightingale


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