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  • n. One shell of a bivalve: as, oysters served on the half-shell (that is, with the upper shell removed, and the oyster served raw on the lower one).


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  • This was partly because the oysters, which arrived in Puget Sound in the 1920s, require concerted husbandry   to   produce a worthy tasting   half-shell oyster, and partly because they look a little off-putting, what with those black or brown filtering mantles around their rims.

    The American Oyster Paradise

  • Patrick McMullan Christy Turlington with Corey and Michelle Jassem Guests nibbled on treats from host Tom Colicchio's restaurants, including duck prosciutto, scallops on the half-shell, stuffed zucchini blossoms and a variety of tomatoes.

    Foodie Party to Fight Hunger

  • The experience you're paying for is the whole clam, its own half-shell stuffed with fresh, seasoned bread crumbs, then placed under a burning hot broiler so as to render it browned and just crisp enough.

    Robert Rosenthal: One Woman's Disgusting Clam Is Another Man's Pleasure To Eat

  • A temporary command post, housed in a half-shell tent, helped airmen track cargo, gather intelligence and oversee security.

    Air Force battles chaos at Haiti's airport

  • They also make for the finest oyster stew I've ever eaten -- which, apart from all this, and staggering quantities of raw oysters on the half-shell, is the best feature of the Festival.

    Stefan Beck: Beaches: Bergman's The Seventh Seal & the Wellfleet Oyster Festival

  • So I recently conjured up -- with considerable effort and not a little expense -- some fresh littleneck clams that I chopped with various other things, topped with bacon, and broiled on the half-shell.

    "Self-Defense" Cooking

  • Is that like the “Mary on a half-shell” statues that tacky people put on their front lawns? datingjesus

    Mary in a pancake! « Dating Jesus

  • For oyster lovers, DC Coast is offering a dozen oysters on the half-shell for $12 to celebrate its 12-year anniversary.

    Where to eat in June, Redux

  • Just as nothing can ever taste better than sea-salty raw oysters on the half-shell when fresh, when real.

    Excerpts, Quotes, etc.

  • The family tops raw clams on the half-shell with a small square of partially cooked smoked bacon, a dash of Tabasco, and a squeeze of lemon.

    Archive 2008-11-01


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