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  • adj. (of certain characters) Being a physically narrower glyph, as opposed to fullwidth.
  • n. The width of a spectroscopic peak at half its height


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  • The sEPSPs are shown normalized at the right, revealing a systematic decrease in sEPSP halfwidth with increasing amplitude.

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  • Models are color coded as in a. (c) Duration (halfwidth) of the dendritic and somatic EPSPs in

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  • Linear fits have slopes of − 0.001 ms/μm and are constrained to pass through the average somatic responses at 0 μm (rise time, 0.39 ms; halfwidth, 0.77 ms).

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  • Maximum VDS (max VDS) was expressed for EPSP halfwidth in control ACSF (gray bars) and in the presence of DTX (black bars).

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  • Somatic EPSP halfwidth decreased as depolarization increased for both stimulus locations.

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  • Of course these seem to behave differently than other fullwidth characters and halfwidth counterparts, like I described back in

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  • Despite a significant decline in EPSP duration (minimum halfwidth, measured just below spike threshold,

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