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  • n. Plural form of halfwit.


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  • Now since all these pro-war folks were the ones to basically “Vote” for this Democratic war, and whom today rally from behind their desk or their computer screen, banging out hateful words and outright lies, those Bush ‘bring it on warriors’ and others like Limbaugh and his parrots, Coulters and her Ilk, O’reilly and his minions and Hannity and his halfwits should be the First to serve in Iraq.

    Think Progress » Bush Administration Developing Plans To Keep 50,000 U.S. Troops In Iraq For Decades

  • The opposition says that would just see "halfwits" and "screwballs" attracted to parliament. Breaking News

  • Big Brother, 2010From Craig in 2000 ( "a knee where his brain should be") to Stephen Baldwin in 2010 ( "looks and sounds like an escaped serial killer"), via Pete Burns ( "Janice from the Muppet Show"), Charlie recaps his own most withering assessments from a decade watching fame-hungry halfwits and eccentrics.

    Charlie Brooker: 10 of the best Screen Burn columns

  • The City of Chicago, led by Mayor Daley and a vast and tumorous army of aldermen and bagmen and yesmen and opportunists and spineless, parasitic political-machine halfwits of forms never seen outside the roiling cesspool of governmental slop-trough greed, has proven itself unworthy of something as potentially delicious and fulfilling as the 2016 Olympic Games.

    Archive 2009-06-01

  • Most of the halfwits that support this irrelevant, nobody, wouldn't so much as give Palin a second look if she looked like Linda Tripp or Janet Reno!

    Palin to visit Fort Hood during book tour

  • The tax raise is so small, it's essentially a few coins a day ... the halfwits who can't support this will go down in history for being as wrong as those who supported slavery, the salem witch trials, or the theory of the world being flat ... energy companies and the majority of republicans can only ignore good science for so long.

    Graham hit again for cap-and-trade support

  • And he forgets that it was a bunch of condescending aristo-loving regressive Tory-voting blathering monarchist halfwits who put the 'Great' into 'Great Britain' in the first place.

    Birthday Boy

  • It seems that you will be able to find maybe five halfwits in your party to vote against her.

    Sessions to 'withhold...consent' on Sotomayor

  • The fact that Rubio may be the candidate of choice for the halfwits, birthers, racists, and the illiterate trailer park scum that make up the Tea Pary is no reason that Crist should step down.

    DeMint: Crist should drop out and endorse Rubio

  • Option D: Piss & moan about 4 days in a small open boat with pretty much constant drizzle with refreshing spells of heavy Fkn rain, dealing with Klietus halfwits in clapped out tinnies or new money fckwits in flash fibreglass offshore jobbies that get wet 3 times a year.

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Sweet jeebus, lookit this mess!


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