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  • n. Plural form of halkieriid.


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  • The Moroccan trove is the first to show soft-bodied Cambrian beasties, such as halkieriids, living in the open ocean of the Ordovician.

    Scientific American

  • One simplistic picture of their relationship to modern forms was that the halkieriids expanded their shells and shed their scales to become molluscs, while the wiwaxiids minimized their armor to emphasize flexibility and became more wormlike.

    Orthozanclus - The Panda's Thumb

  • Like the halkieriids, it has an anterior shell but not a posterior one, and like the wiwaxiids, it has long spiky sclerites.

    Orthozanclus - The Panda's Thumb

  • Cambrothyra also shares similarities with a different Cambrian group, the halkieriids.

  • It traveled around the sea floor and thus may help support the idea that chancelloriids and halkieriids are closely related to each other, despite very different appearances.

  • a hundred unusual creatures, including halkieriids, which look like slugs wearing chain mail;

    Scientific American


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