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  • n. A small copper coin of the Swiss canton of Zug.


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  • With Brokaw moderating on Tuesday and thus picking the townhall questions you can expect a Rev. Wright question to be asked and thus will be used as the impetus by the McCain Camp to run their Rev. Wright Campaign saying "We didn't bring it up a town haller asked the question which means Americans still have questions on the matter".

    Breaking: House Passes Bailout Package. Now What?

  • This town-haller said: “why would you guys try and stuff a health care bill down our throat in three of four weeks, when the President took six months to pick what he wanted for a dog for his kids?”

    The Democrats’ Irrational Political Behavior on Health Care - Dan_Perrin’s blog - RedState

  • Project, tens of thousands of protesters converge on Washington D.C. tells a St. Louis radio station, "I'm a tea partier, I'm a town haller, I'm a grass-rootser."

    The New Republic - All Feed

  • Mr. Steele has said he is at heart a "town haller" who is wooing the insurgent tea party movement into the Republican camp.

    The Washington Times stories: Latest Headlines

  • Michael Steele, proclaimed himself "a Tea Partier, a town-haller, a grass-rooter" in a recent interview, and organizers of the national Tea Party convention next month say he has expressed interest in their invitation to speak.

    NYT > Home Page

  • I had been rather blindly following the portableapps. com web site. i've seen others do it, advertising thinstalled versions of apps that are already portable .. didn't think to question haller. thanks for the info.

    The Portable Freeware Collection

  • "I'm a tea partier, I'm a town-haller, I'm a grass-roots-er" is how Steele put it in a recent radio interview, wet-kissing a market he hopes will buy his book.

    Bark Bark Woof Woof

  • Just because they don't jump up and down and yell and haller, it doesn't mean they aren't trying their best to win.

    Latest Daily Headlines

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  • (68 Comments) reynz: haller! hahaha! kahit indi david foster yan alam mo bang tumabo nang anda ang imelda ... reynz: eh panu ba naman, i was trying hard to be maarte para feel ang epek, search ko sa imeem ... reynz: Did I miss it?

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