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  • | Reply | Permalink can we please install a permanent ignore button for halperin already?

    Specter Wants Coleman To Win In Minnesota

  • Felix you mentioned halperin, noonan, and the others that are on morning joe which I never watch, its boring as he is, but these guest that he always has, I say "with friends like that who needs enemies?"

    Watch Your Backs, MSNBC! Imus Can See You!

  • | Reply | Permalink big deal, drudge losing influence. he's not and has never been even worthy of mention on your website. the walter cronkite of our era! that idiotic statement simply attests to what a dope halperin is.

    Big Media Figures Admitting That Drudge's Influence Has Waned

  • | Reply | Permalink mark halperin is a tool ... ahhhhhh ..... i feel better.

    Hillary: Pledged Delegates Can Switch Candidates

  • And, to add icing to the cake, we're very pleased that ABC News Political Director Mark halperin will be joining us to lead an intimate conversation with NY Attorney General, following his keynote address.

    PDF2006 Schedule is Out!

  • View It » neither does the washington post, neither does time magazines mark halperin

    Propeller Most Popular Stories

  • | Reply | Permalink that really pissed me off when i read that. it's ridiculous and i can't believe they would publish that kind of bogus accusation. it's also prominently featured by mark halperin over at the page (no surprise there). the girl is 5 months pregnant, people were going to figure it out regardless of what internet rumors did or didn't exist. i guess you'll make whatever crap you want up when you're trying obscure the fact that you never really vetted your veep candidate. if they knew they'd have worked it into her introduction last week to milk it for all the sympathy it's worth by being upfront. blaming it on liberal blogs and by extension obama, whose name i'm pretty sure appears on millions of blogs liberal or otherwise, is beyond stupid, which means the media will probably eat it up.

    Reuters Lets Anonymous McCain Aide Tie Obama To Pregnancy Rumors

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. politics/blog; politics = 1; nickname = sunil-adam; entry_id = 420586; 2008-election = 1; african-americans = 1; barack-obama = 1; blacks = 1; capitol-hill = 1; game-change = 1; harry-reid = 1; john-heilemann = 1; mark-halperin = 1; negro = 1; nevada = 1; racism = 1; senate = 1",

    Sunil Adam: Cartoon: When Harry Met Sorry

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. books/blog; books = 1; nickname = michael-wolff; entry_id = 423196; 2008-presidential-campaign = 1; 2008-presidential-race = 1; game-change = 1; john-heilemann = 1; mark-halperin = 1; michael-wolff = 1",

    Michael Wolff: Game Change: Losers Are...Well, Losers

  • "zone_info": "huffpost. media/blog; books = 1; media = 1; politics = 1; nickname = tom-watson; entry_id = 420996; bill-clinton = 1; elizabeth-edwards = 1; game-change = 1; john-edwards = 1; john-heilemann = 1; mark-halperin = 1",

    Tom Watson: The Cartooning of Elizabeth Edwards


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