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  • adj. Resembling a ham.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

ham +‎ -like


  • Ye little besom! the giant bellowed, snatching his arm back only to grab her neck with a hamlike hand and use it to lift her clear up off her feet, shaking her like an enraged bull mastiff with an especially annoying rat.


  • And you are the Black Laird of the MacLeans, known for your spitting temper and hamlike fists.

    Much Ado About Marriage

  • His eyes met Goad2s, and it was hard to tell what passed between them besides the nod that seemed to end it, as Goad backed into the stand of firs, as Karrock scrambled to his feet and scurried after his commander, none the worse for combat were it not for a bruise noticeable through the dark beard on the left side of his hamlike face.


  • Dudley raised a large, hamlike hand to point at Harry.

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

  • In the dining room, many guests were already scooping forkfuls of pancakes, eggs of all sorts, bacon in both its hamlike European style and the more “American” streaky bacon, stewed tomatoes, mushrooms and more into their mouths.

    Hamlet II: Ophelia’s Revenge

  • I would always, always choose cappicola and prosciutto Cotto, which is both sweet and very hamlike.


  • But he still grasped the jeweled sword in one hamlike hand, and as Conrig sprang at him he aimed its point at the prince, intending to spit him as though he were a charging boar.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • Or was she simply afraid to go back inside, where his father would be waiting with his quick temper and hamlike fists?

    The Killing Hour

  • The drunk rounded on the skeptic with a roar, and grabbed the mans shirt in one hamlike fist.

    Exile's Valor

  • Nelmor refilled his goblet and eased a pastry into a hamlike hand.

    The Soprano Sorceress


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