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  • "But," continued Priscilla, hastily, "I stopped and borrowed Georgie Merriles's hammer on my way back.

    When Patty Went to College

  • We have Jubal the semi-mythical who, “by the different falls of his hammer on the anvil, discovered by the ear the first rude music that pleased the antediluvian fathers.”

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • He waited for half an hour after the doling out of food, then he began to hammer on the door.


  • From a side street came the sound of hammer on metal, and we were soon standing in a metalsmith’s while Mahmoud searched the artisan’s wares for a coffee-pot to replace the one broken beneath the British soldier’s boot.

    O Jerusalem

  • And it is used for "the stroke of the hammer on the anvil," in fashioning of the iron, Isa. xli.

    The Sermons of John Owen

  • At his signal, in a smooth series of motions, I would draw a two-foot-long T-section metal post from my pack’s quiver, hold it against the slope, and strike it with the hammer on the back of my right ice tool until it was nearly buried.

    127 Hours

  • Roman watched the play of emotions across the younger man's face, feeling a pang of guilt at having had to be the one to drop the hammer on Ferrol's head.


  • The Comte d’Orkancz yanked hard on one of the pedestal’s brass levers, and brought his other hand down like a hammer on a metal stop.

    The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters

  • I did not have Mr. Hodges lower the hammer on the still-raised pistol.

    Prayers To Broken Stones


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