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  • adj. Resembling a hammer or some aspect of one.


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hammer +‎ -like


  • Little kids when first encountering a hammer and without any parental teaching pick up hammer and begin using it, mostly in the intended hammerlike use-case.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • These excesses are being corrected elsewhere, like South Korea, under the IMF's hammerlike conditions.

    The Big Bang Or A Big Bust?

  • This was a hammerlike hit of acid that split open all the flaws in the facets of my cultivated gem of a personality, revealing negative traits in inverse correlation to what had appeared on the surface: social anxiety of a pervasive, mushroom-cloud-like insidiousness; existential doubt to rival that of Kierkegaard; paranoid susceptibility to basic insecurities of all sorts.

    Dont You Forget About Me

  • She watched Braeg lift both of his hammerlike fists in the air, bringing his diatribe to a crescendo.

    Death in Winter

  • Grey had discovered that a straight, pointed beak with all the hammerlike force of a raven's neck muscles behind it could break a hole into a flat surface where her beak couldn't get a purchase.

    The Wizard Of London

  • A dermal hammer is a small hammerlike device, usually made of lightweight metal or plastic, which has at one end a simulated hammer about a half inch in diameter with many fine protruding needles.


  • It consists of a small hammerlike instrument with tiny needles at one end.


  • He glanced my way and then he turned back to me, fixing his gaze on me with such a cold, bone-chilling look, I had to walk away quickly, my chest vibrating with the hammerlike thumping of my heart.

    The Runaways

  • He watched, fascinated despite himself, as hammerlike fists pounded at flesh and bone, each blow eliciting a resounding thud.


  • The Cimmerian parried the slash effortlessly and dived forward, lashing out with his hammerlike fist.

    Conan The Hunter


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