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  • n. Plural form of hammerlock.


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  • He went on the offensive early, utilizing a series of hammerlocks and headlocks—moves that were often foreign to WWE Championship Matches of the Hogan era.

    WWE Championship

  • Here's Jack and Dory Funk Jr. in Japan in 1974, wringing tons of drama out of simple armbars and hammerlocks.

    Nick Mamatas' Journal

  • They be teachin me all sorts of things-half-nelsons, the airplane spin, the Boston crab, the pile driver, hammerlocks an all such as that.

    Forrest Gump

  • May he fall, as our lot was, on a gunsmith who has mended hammerlocks for Arabs, and who loves rifles as some greater rascals love a woman or a horse.

    The Ivory Trail

  • Daniels with a shoulderblock and an STO, then hammerlocks Tyler and rams his shoulder into the top turnbuckle.

    PWInsider Latest Articles

  • Wang Yu is the stern-faced sword hero with a rough-edged fighting style that incorporates a varied compliment of moves comprised of basic front and side kicks, hammerlocks and fairly unsophisticated upper body blocking and striking techniques with ill-defined forms.

    Kung Fu Cinema

  • They trade hammerlocks, but when Lashley ends up near the ropes Wolfe kicks them up into Lashley's throat.

  • HIGHLAND HOME | When it comes to hamburgers or hammerlocks, Pete Hayes can handle both with aplomb - be it a spatula or a twisted arm.

    news | TL |

  • Young and Booker trade hammerlocks to start, till Booker ends matters with a knee to Young's gut.

  • They trade hammerlocks to start and Shawn grabs a headlock, and they mess up an armdrag spot off a criss-cross.

    Scott's Blog of Doom


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