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  • n. Archaeology A stone or cobble used as a pounding or pecking tool.

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  • n. A type of stone used to hit or strike in a similar way to a modern-day hammer.


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hammer +‎ stone


  • As we scraped and dug around the house area, fire pits emerged from under the tough grass, yielding chert flakes, an occasional hammerstone or a scraper, and one melted green glass bead no larger than a pinhead.

    Bird Cloud

  • In his right hand, he grasps a round, smooth hammerstone as if it were a baseball.

    A Handy Bunch: Tools, Thumbs Helped Us Thrive

  • (Soundbite of banging) JOYCE: He swings the hammerstone and whacks the core.

    A Handy Bunch: Tools, Thumbs Helped Us Thrive

  • And my opposed thumb and wider fingertips also mean I can grip a round stone - like a hammerstone - with more control than an ape can.

    A Handy Bunch: Tools, Thumbs Helped Us Thrive

  • But the cores in Steve's picture are the type a above - and the platform refers to the surface that was struck with a hammerstone or antler billet to drive the flakes.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • The hominids could carry around convenient lumps of lava with them, then strike off simple stone flakes with a hammerstone when they needed them to split tough hide, to cut up an animal carcass, or to break open a bone for its marrow.

    C. Human Origins (4 Million to 1.8 Million Years Ago)

  • He rested his selected cobble against one thigh and struck it with a hammerstone.

    Ancestral Passions

  • Instead, the spheres are the result of using a chunk of quartzite as a hammerstone for making other tools; the repeated bashing, by itself, turns the chunk of rock into a round ball.

    Ancestral Passions

  • It was made of stone and probably originally had a natural bowl shape, but it had been deepened by pecking at it with a hard hammerstone.

    The Plains of Passage

  • I always hate to give up a hammerstone I'm used to, but I'm sure I'll be able to replace it once we reach the Lanzadonii.

    The Plains of Passage


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