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  • adj. comparative form of hammy: more hammy


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  • There was never a hammier performance than the one given by Robert Newton here.

    Blackbeard the Pirate

  • Sure, he was almost as Guttenbergy as in Mission to Moscow, but the REAL stars of the show were taller, stiffer, hammier and way more hilarious than Short Circuit OK, not really.

    POLL: Who Is The Funniest Dancer: Penn or Corolla? | Best Week Ever

  • One set piece in particular, a flashback scene showing Hauser in a violent, gladiatorial confrontation with his former boss an even hammier than usual Ben Kingsley takes place in a dilapidated theme park that looks to have been a replica of ancient Rome.


  • They inspire me to turn on Norwegian Death Metal, invest in ear plugs, and prepare for a performance that is destined to be hammier than Easter Dinner.


  • Alec Baldwin appears to be channeling the hammier aspects of his current role on "30 Rock", and Steve Martin gives an oddly muted performance that only comes to life during a brief party sequence involving marijuana.

    Home Theater Forum

  • But the dialogue among the other characters is probably a bit hammier than necessary. - Home Page

  • Fans of the hammier side of John Malkovich, who looks to have

    Low Resolution

  • The more he plays himself - and there is little choice - the more natural his humour; the more he tries to play a role, the stiffer and hammier he gets.

    The Sydney Morning Herald News Headlines

  • His Batman rasps his lines in a voice that's deeper and hammier than ever, and when Bruce Wayne has to pretend to be a mindlessly hedonistic playboy, his smirk carries a trace of Dubya entitlement.


  • Even the hammier performances of Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich grow on you, leading to incisive interplay late in the film.

    Frames Per Second Magazine


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