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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of hance.


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  • They were three tiny Asian girls, of which nationality I am not sure, but each one was a fantastically risque version of Hello Kitty, fair-skinned, highly cut and styled hair, innocently colorful but definitely PG-13 outfits that minimally covered enormously disproportionate...uh, bodies that could only have been surgically enhanced and nutrionally de-hanced.

    Archive 2006-04-01

  • Age had en - hanced her good looks, although, Tas thought, she doesn't have quite the same prettiness she had when I came back here for Caramon's funeral the first time.

    Dragons of a Fallen Sun

  • Both clawed feet were shod in special webbed grip-boots that greatly en-hanced the wearer's footing without reducing flexibility.

    Mid Flinx

  • It was a unique development, replete for Sigh-moving-Fast with a deliciously horrific fascination en-hanced by the drug of unprecedence.

    The False Mirror

  • Nevertheless, as states achieved greater stability and economic advance brought greater pros - perity, and as the growth of scientific knowledge en - hanced men's hope of greater control of their environ - ment and their lives, the aims of organized society themselves advanced in theory from minimal condi - tions of order to ensuring conditions of progress and the pursuit of happiness.


  • Neutrogena, for example, markets to purposefully limit what a hanced by a company's other activities.

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  • Another variation of the strategy is employed by Ron Altman, manager of the Aston/MD Sass En-hanced Equity Fund (AMBEX) at M.D. Latest Headlines

  • The full report, available from the NTSB Wisconsin A total of nine workshops hanced Intermediate Program, mask CPAP trial, web site, www. / ntsb, does not come have been scheduled to help selective cervical spinal clearance, additional straight out with a cause for the accident nor applicants apply for the Assistance skills at the EMT-Basic level and much more. does it implicate responsibility.

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  • The en - joice and live under the analyze the situation and hanced limit is just another illusion, once again, that educate people on the un - way of circumventing the something substantial will tenability of the supportive spirit of the Supreme Court really be done for them!

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  • [1] 6 Stability Temperature stability 30 (incubation at 30 C leads to rapid inactivation, effect is en - hanced by ascorbate and not due to oxidation of the enzyme-bound ferrous iron [1]) [1] Storage stability,

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