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  • n. A battle-ax.


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  • Jest as I raised my hand-ax I happened to cast my eyes down the hill.


  • The adventurer, armed only with a hand-ax, trails the beast and traps it in a small valley like a hippodrome, perhaps five miles around, and runs the beast for two months, not allowing it to eat, drink or sleep, until it "fell to whimpering and crying like a baby."

    “Why this longing for life? It is a game which no man wins.”

  • Most believe that H. erectus, armed with an advanced tool kit, known as the Acheulean or hand-ax tradition, became the first human species capable of braving an array of challenging environments outside Africa.

    Georgian Homo Erectus Crania

  • Some discussion of raw material selection and tool use was provided, with a link to the hand-ax History Mystery.

    Multimedia: Adventures in Africa

  • This time, she made a real hand-ax, taking special care to fashion the tip, making it thin and straight-edged and sharp.

    Night World No. 2

  • The caption reads: A near-fatal step in 1929 led Dr. Leakey to the first known living site of hand-ax man.

    Ancestral Passions

  • When nothing remained but the hand-ax, he charged again and again, striking when he could.

    Three Worlds to Conquer

  • Returning to the woods, he used the hand-ax to gnaw a fairly straight shaft off a larrik bush, and secured one of the points to this with a strip cut from the fibrous interior of the plant.

    Three Worlds to Conquer

  • And indeed, the Scientist had all sorts of things with him: a hand-ax, a sheath knife, a compass, a camera, binoculars, a stop watch, notebooks and pencils, a coil of rope, maps.

    David and the Phoenix

  • "When you get through invoicin 'yer trooso, Winthrup, it wouldn't delay us none if you'd grasp that there hand-ax an' carve out a little fire-fodder."

    The Texan A Story of the Cattle Country


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