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  • n. A single-handed working-hammer used by blacksmiths, machinists, and boiler-makers: in distinction from the two-handed hammer, or sledge.


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  • In connection with some recent underpinning work, 14-in. hollow cylindrical piles 6 ft. long were sunk to a depth of 6 ft. with an ordinary hand-hammer, being excavated as driven.

    Pressure, Resistance, and Stability of Earth American Society of Civil Engineers: Transactions, Paper No. 1174, Volume LXX, December 1910

  • But upon the threshold I stopped all at once and drew softly back, for, despite the early hour, Prudence was there, upon her knees before the anvil, with George's great hand-hammer clasped to her bosom, sobbing over it, and, while she sobbed, she kissed its worn handle.

    The Broad Highway

  • I stand, feet well apart, and swing the great "sledge" to whose diapason George's hand-hammer beats a tinkling melody, coming in after each stroke with a ring and clash exact and true, as is, and has been, the way of masters of the smithing craft all the world over from time immemorial.

    The Broad Highway

  • "Ah!"'nodded the smith, "to be sure," and, forthwith, began to sing most lustily, marking the time very cleverly with his ponderous hand-hammer.

    The Broad Highway

  • The long, labored breathings of the bellows ended, the iron was thrown white hot out of the glowing coals on to the anvil, and the clank of the hand-hammer and thud of the sledge were all that could be heard.

    A Son of Hagar A Romance of Our Time

  • The vibrations of the anvil were all but the only sounds on the air; the alternate thin clink of the smith's hand-hammer and the thick thud of the striker's sledge echoed in unseen recesses of the hills beyond.

    A Son of Hagar A Romance of Our Time

  • The blacksmith laughed again, tapped the iron with the hand-hammer, down came the sledge, and the flakes flew.

    A Son of Hagar A Romance of Our Time

  • Presently it faded; the hot iron was whisked upon the anvil, fiery sparks showered about as the rapid blows fell, and the echoing crags kept time with rhythmic beats to the clanking of the sledge and the clinking of the hand-hammer.

    The Young Mountaineers Short Stories

  • It was the clear, metallic resonance of an anvil, the clanking of a sledge, and the clinking of a hand-hammer.

    The Young Mountaineers Short Stories

  • Page 32 was the clinking of the hand-hammer and the clanking of the sledge from the forge on the mountain's brink.

    In the Tennessee mountains,


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