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  • n. In bookbinding, an impress on a book-cover by movable types from a hand-stamp, in opposition to an impress by a machine from an engraved stamp.


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  • He was one of the few people to hand-letter the World War II surrender documents, verifying their authenticity, before they were flown to Japan and signed on the USS Missouri in 1945.

    Charles R. Watkins, former civilian master planner of Air Force bases, dies at 92

  • Here's a test page where I'm trying to figure out if I should hand-letter the comic or use a pre-made font, as well as if color adds anything to it (at least how I currently color things, that is, and unfortunately I don't really know any other way to color):

    All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

  • Hmm, I think if I were to hand-letter that sign again today, I would probably use “learned”. » Blog Archive » At the Height of My Programming Renown

  • It was an amateurish layout job but someone had taken the time to hand-letter the text in a passable calligraphy.

    The Overton Window

  • World leaders hell-bent on universal destruction might be accumulating nuclear armaments like the lucky winners of a Nickelodeon-sponsored Toys 'R Us shopping spree, but even the homeliest child could send a hand-letter plea for peace … and land herself a spot on the evening news.”

    Rachel Shukert on Learning How To Love Public Readings

  • His lettering on his cartoons could use a bit of work, but I hand-letter crappy too which is why I prefer to letter using Freehand and one of Robin's home-made Fontographer fonts and the 'toons themselves are worth reading and I think this guy can only get better as he goes along.

    Pen-Elayne on the Web

  • Looking back at it today, when the volume of existing printed information - and the capacity for producing printed information - exceeds by many orders of magnitude the volume of hand-letter manuscripts that existed in 1440, it seems like a minor problem.

    National Information Infrastructure Key Issues

  • Dusenberry showed him a Christmas story from a magazine and asked him to paint the pictures and hand-letter the text, which Dusenberry rewrote to fit her own recollections of life on the Trask Ranch at Lavina.


  • Ask your contractor, get out of your shell: bet even your client even finds hand-letter fonts majorly annoying in CAD as he would in Word or Email.

    All Discussion Groups: Message List - root

  • Grow up and either hand-draft and hand-letter or use CAD: don't pretend you

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