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  • n. The act of pilfering; theft.


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  • The main activities there were hand-weaving, hand-making pottery, and singing madrigals, for none of which I had either taste or talent.

    An Interview with Diana Wynne Jones

  • Artisan booksmith Todd Sanders is hand-making a few bound copies of my zeppelin story "Love in the Balance."


  • From its northern border with Canada to Lake Champlain in the west to the spine of mountains running down its center, the state is nurturing a growing number of independent farmers who are moving beyond cheddar and hand-making a variety of sophisticated cheeses, some of which are beginning to rival Europe's best.

    American Cheese Grows Up

  • My role will be to interview six Japanese craftsmen: Tatsuya Matsui of Flower Robotics, “rockstar of the Japanese travel industry” Yoshiharu Hoshino of Hoshinoya, Koshiro Tamura of Kyoto apparel brand Mizra, surfboard shaper Hiroshi Abe of Abe Shape & Design, Miwako Fujimoto of luxury Hakone ryokan Gora Kadan and 9th generation wooden shipbuilder Sueshiro Sano of Sano Magic, who has now turned his attention to hand-making innovative wooden bicycles.

    Néojaponisme » Blog Archive » Infiniti Brand Journey for Adeyaka

  • There he and his immediate clan follow the ancient Bene Israel tradition of hand-making and selling cooking oil.

    Richard Z. Chesnoff: Sephardic Cinema Shines

  • All those moves would be preliminaries to the real business at hand-making peace in Yugoslavia, forestalling ethnic chaos in the rest of the old Soviet bloc and laying plans for bringing the ex-communist nations into the fellowship of the industrial democracies.

    Memo To U.S.: Europe Matters

  • Susanna Greeves, a former director of the Anthony d'Offay Gallery, who has worked with the artist for many years, says that Mueck 'lavishes extraordinary care on hand-making his model's eyes in many stages, building up a transparent lens over a coloured iris and deep black pupil.

    Boing Boing: July 30, 2006 - August 5, 2006 Archives

  • While engrossed in hand-making an item, one would look up to focus on a far-away scene out the window.

    Archive 2005-12-01

  • Of course, the positive thing is that hand-making means each book is different from each other.

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • Because I was hand-making this line I kept distribution down to about 3-4 stores, but it only took about 6 months of slaving away at my sewing machine before I realized that what I was really passionate about were the fabrics themselves, and not the making of a handbag.

    July 2006


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