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  • n. Alternative spelling of handspring.


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  • There 's only one move he has axed from his routine this year: the backwards hand-spring.

    Alumni Dust Off the Pom-Pons

  • Bill's overtaxed brain turned one convulsive hand-spring, and came to rest with a sense of having dislocated itself.

    Uneasy Money

  • There are days when I could do a hand-spring, if for nothing more than to shock my solemn old

    The Prairie Child

  • One, beaming westerly, disclosed a loaded excursion steamer half-way to Hell Gate, and, a moment later, turning a hand-spring, picked up in its diverging path the Fall River steamer miles away to the eastward.

    The U-boat hunters

  • The two smaller boys threw off their coats, hitched up their trousers -- always a part of the performance whether necessary or not -- and began the high kick, high jump, handspring, somersault, wagon wheel, ending with hand-spring, and bending backwards until their heads touched the ground.

    The Chinese Boy and Girl

  • Whin our rayporther was dhriven off th 'premises be wan iv th' rough riders, th 'head iv th' nation was tachin 'Lord Dum de Dum an' Sicrety Hay how to do a hand-spring, an 'th' other guests was scattered about th 'lawn, boxin', rasslin ', swingin' on th 'thrapeze, ridin' th 'buckin' bronco an 'shootin' at th 'naygro pote f'r th' dhrinks -- in short enjyin 'an ideel day in th' counthry.

    Observations By Mr. Dooley

  • He reached the end of the rope and his hand-spring became a vaulting somersault.

    The Trail of the Goldseekers A Record of Travel in Prose and Verse

  • And Richard went, with a yell and a hand-spring, to throw in his lot with

    Georgina of the Rainbows

  • "Whoop, hurrah!" cried Berry, throwing up his hat, turning a hand-spring, and catching the hat as it came down.

    Bricks without Straw A Novel

  • "So; thou art tent-weary, too," said the king; and then asked: "And where learn'dst thou that hand-spring?"

    Historic Boys Their Endeavours, Their Achievements, and Their Times


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