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  • adj. Made by hand or using the hands, as opposed to by mass production or using machinery.


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hand +‎ crafted


  • Well, Starbucks is saying they are now going to raise prices depending on where you are on the country and what you buy on brewed or what they call handcrafted beverages, whatever that is, by an average of about nine cents for one of these things.

    CNN Transcript Jul 24, 2007

  • The town specializes in handcrafted musical instruments, including the guitar.

    Guitar Village

  • Everyone knows that Heath is one of THE names in handcrafted pottery.

    Glasses That Will Blow You Away

  • Well, one of our readers was clever enough to take our precious, "handcrafted" maps and transform them into a high-tech, interactive map of Montreal.

    lo-tech > hi-tech

  • There are two kinds of log homes: "handcrafted" and "milled" (also called "machine-profiled"), made with a log house

    Think Progress » VIDEO: Feingold Slams ‘Pundits and Consultants’ Afraid to Stand Up on Terrorism Issues

  • The instances and the landscapes also have this "handcrafted" feel.

    The Golden 1M: World of Warcraft

  • Each puzzle is handcrafted, meaning that no two puzzles are the same, but the uniqueness doesn't just stop there.

    The Daily Times News Headlines

  • In general, due to the diverse and varied requirements, management of this information is normally carried out by a relatively "handcrafted" method, via Excel spreadsheets and other paperwork, which can lead to organizational difficulties.

    BeyeNETWORK Content

  • A Platinum Edition gets a "handcrafted" interior and special badging.

    The Car Connection

  • Priced at $30 apiece or $150 for the set, the "handcrafted" fleece pillows are stuffed with polyester alongside several ounces of pure fanboy concentrate*.



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