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  • Ninth; nine: nonagon.

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  • n. A pocket-size device using chemicals, hot liquids, or an electrical heating element, for warming the hands.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Latin nōnus, ninth; see newn̥ in Indo-European roots.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

hand +‎ warmer


  • Yes | No | Report from J4huntfish wrote 18 hours 59 min ago ice armor mittens warmest things everalso dont buy those heat packets get a zippo handwarmer they use lighter fluid and outlast most paackets. the scent of the lighter fluid did not bother the deer when i was hunting

    ive tried many gloves but i havent found a pair that will keep my hands warm for hunting and fishing in the winter do you guys h

  • Extending the handwarmers into the fingers of the glove, however, would likely cause bunching and defeat a major purpose of the handwarmer.

    Hand Warmers

  • About the only failing of conventional handwarmers, is that you have to pull your fingers out of the finger slots of your glove and wrap them around the handwarmer every so often when its bitterly cold outside.

    Hand Warmers

  • We don't hunt that far away from the house or camp to worry about getting lost and needing to start a fire, and I don't use the Jon-e handwarmer anymore that the lighter was used for to start, but I still carry that worn out Zippo in my pocket every deer season anyway.

    My Favorite Flashlight

  • Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters Rodney Long, of Gainsville, Fla., rubbed a handwarmer against his face in an effort to beat the cold.

    Jubilant Crowds Witness Obama's Inauguration

  • And Selenay sat in the reviewing stand, patient as a statue, with a footwarmer under her boots and a handwarmer tucked into a muff someone had brought for her, smiling, while her servants showered the participants with sweets and small coins by way of reward.

    Exile's Valor

  • A stack of rough draft paper, a smaller stack of Imperial Vellum, inkpots containing red and black ink, blotting paper, blotting sand, glass pens, and his handwarmer were all arranged in a pattern he found personally the most efficient.

    Storm Breaking

  • The Indians have their hands in their pockets and VVS, among others, has got one of those handwarmer gubbins. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • This jacket features an interior fur lining, snap-flap waist, piggyback handwarmer, interior pocket, and more.

    dealnews - Today's Edition

  • Useless - I bought one of those handwarmer things where you light the charcoal stick, put it in the case and it warms your hands when you hold it.

    Army Rumour Service


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