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  • n. Alternative spelling of hang dog.


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  • Wrapped in the redemptive tale of an absentee father (Hugh Jackman) bonding with his son (Dakota Goyo) in order to rescue a hang-dog sparring robot from the junkyard and turn it into a populist sensation in the ring, the film features director Shawn Levy's assured way with top-level special effects, not the least being Jackman's formidable physique.

    Dan Persons: Cinefantastique Spotlight Podcast: Real Steel

  • What would I do if I got stuck there for a whole winter, dodging the hang-dog face of a fling gone terribly awry?

    How to Flirt with A Naked Werewolf

  • He dipped his head in an exaggerated hang-dog expression.

    How to Flirt with A Naked Werewolf

  • Reid met with the Democratic caucus this afternoon and hang-dog members trickled in, with the hangingest-dog member of them all, Joe Lieberman, emerging to pronounce Reid "pessimistic."

    HUFFPOST HILL - House Passes Meaningless CR

  • A bike doesn't give you that shitty hang-dog look when it knows it's done something wrong.

    The Riddle of Steel

  • He always looked so hang-dog and exhausted the next day, poor thing.

    Pinocchio's Back with Snow White Again!

  • There was revolt written about his mouth despite the hang-dog expression.


  • After that an emergency vehicle was dispatched but the poem was stillborn and he left it crumpled up at the café and fled limping in a typical hang-dog, Bigfooted way back to his lair, rumored to be somewhere in the Rockridge area

    Poet Found Living Near Berkeley!

  • If the NFL could move the Super Bowl from Arizona two decades ago because they wouldn't acknowledge Martin Luther King's birthday; if the NCAA can keep post-season tournaments out of states that still fly the confederate flag, then Bud Selig can wipe that hang-dog look off his face, straighten his back, and do the right thing.

    Dave Zirin: All-Star Speak-Out: Baseball Players Pledge to Boycott Arizona All Star Game

  • Then she straightened her veil, and fussed anxiously with her mirror before seating herself on her divan, and it was the charmingest thing to see her give me a last radiant smile and then compose her face in that icy mask, while I waited suitably hang-dog, standing in the middle of the floor at a respectful distance.



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