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  • n. Plural form of hangnail.


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  • But what I’m not proud of, what I can’t live with, and what bothers me more than unbitable hangnails, is the gross underrepresentation of certain letters.

    Kong at the Seaside | Miette's Bedtime Story Podcast

  • Men are better at long-term discomfort and degradation, things like prison and jobs, than we are at extreme, shorter-term bouts of excruciating pain, things like swimming the 'fly for 28 miles, squeezing kids' heads through birth canals, and hangnails.

    Todd Hartley: I'm With Stupid: Even Dolphins Don't Do So Many Dolphin Kicks

  • His nails, torn and broken and afflicted with hangnails, were never cleaned.


  • Think of it like a surgeon trained for brain surgery, but given a job cutting hangnails.

    Why the Christmas Day Terrorist Succeeded!

  • More importantly, the serious injuries fizzled into sore toes, hangnails, fat lips.

    Old Scars

  • Cuticle nippers: to trim hangnails and dead skin use as little as possible

    Best in Beauty

  • Those infections, called paronychia, are caused by nibbling the skin around the fingernails, picking hangnails, trimming the cuticle too closely, wearing artificial nails, or using harsh cleansers or steel wool without wearing gloves.

    Q&A: Preventing skin infections around the nails?

  • The hair made Bekka magnetic, and it was hard not to look at her—whether she was standing on her chair in the lunch room to catch a Cheerio in her mouth or sitting on a windowsill, picking at her hangnails.


  • I kinda miss the days when I could acquire badass counterculture street cred simply by trimming my hangnails in a hotel room far from home.

    The Art of the Possible

  • They would sell even more of these set-top converter boxes for $100 if they promised that they could also cure impotence, hemorrhoids, alcoholism, cancer and hangnails! —

    A Sucker Is Converted Every Minute - Bits Blog -


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