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  • n. a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory


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  • You were watched all the time and if a girl danced too close to a man or a man danced too close to a girl or they saw any kind of hankey-pankey going on, don't think that they didn't come right in and make a scene about it!

    Oral History Interview with Virginia Foster Durr, March 13, 14, 15, 1975. Interview G-0023-1. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)

  • Anthropomorphized? wait, thats mr.hankey. zeigeist, baller!

    TIFF Review: Religulous | /Film

  • It was I who added counters to his stakes, just once or twice, and not nearly as often as they said - why, I was quite shocked when I read in the papers last week, the kind of evidence they were giving, even Mrs Wilson - dear me, if there had been that much hankey-pankey with the counters the whole world must have seen, the Prince and everyone!


  • Ramona Simms - Gorgeously attired in head hankey and with an attractive unaffected insouciant wiggle, the girl from Ipanemah was oblivious to the admiring glance s she received from passers by …

    National Green Day

  • Just the thought of a mustachioed man in a hop hat turning a hankey into a dove is enough to make us want to break up his marriage and have the sexy magician all to ourselves, just like Cameron Diaz.

    Cameron Diaz Didn’t Destroy No Magician’s Marriage

  • Now Newton, Darwin, Dalton, Davy, Joule, and Adam Smith did not affect this “expert” hankey-pankey, becoming enough in a hairdresser or a fashionable physician, but indecent in a philosopher or a man of science.

    A Modern Utopia

  • 'By the Lord, I believe the Apostle's right, -- the whole place reeks to me of hankey-pankey, -- it did as soon as I put my nose inside.

    The Beetle

  • I do not pretend to be proficient in the modus operandi of the hankey - pankey man, but I know that he has a method, all the same, -- one susceptible, too, of facile explanation.

    The Beetle

  • 'Take my advice, my friend, and don't attempt to play that hankey pankey off on to me again.'

    The Beetle

  • Can it be possible that that humorous professor of hankey-pankey -- may all the maledictions of the accursed alight upon his head!

    The Beetle


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