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  • n. A short loose over-jacket or -coat worn in Japan.


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  • The haori is a silk upper-dress, -- a kind of sleeved cloak, -- worn by both sexes; but the poem suggests a woman's haori, which is usually of richer color or material.

    Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things

  • For instance, for formal occasions, men wore Western-style hats with haori, a traditional waistcoat, hakama, an outer garment worn over the kimono that is either split like pants between the legs or nonsplit like a skirt.

    Women of Meiji Japan & Western Fashion | Edwardian Promenade

  • A groom wears a haori on the top and a hakama on the bottom, all in black.

    Japanese Wedding ( with video clip )

  • Carrie, check - they have several different Japanese patterns kimono, hakama, happi, haori, etc.

    Drabble #6 - A Dress A Day

  • If your Duros are of the classic wide kimono-sleeved variety, rather than one of the ones with more/other sleeve options, you could think about an upper layer in a style which would be appropriate with the Duro - that is, an upper/outer garment of the hapi/haori variety.

    There's no Fabric Week without Liberty - A Dress A Day

  • Ten five-year-old boys, dressed in haori and wearing towels tied around their heads, are accompanied by adults to the local shrine, where they make one circuit and offer models of fishing boats.

    Matsuri Report » Japundit Blog

  • At this signal a coolie appeared, carrying a handsome black lacquer chest with the same crest in gold upon it as Dr. Nosoki wore in white on his haori.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • The widow was painted white; her lips were reddened with vermilion; her hair was elaborately dressed and ornamented with carved shell pins; she wore a beautiful dress of sky-blue silk, with a haori of fine white crepe and a scarlet crepe girdle embroidered in gold, and looked like a bride on her marriage day rather than a widow.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • She wore a light purple kimono with a sharkskin pattern and a fancy black haori a jacket-like garment worn over kimono.

    Geisha, A Life

  • Turning unexpectedly her sunshade caught in his _haori_ (cloak), which thereby was slightly torn.

    The Yotsuya Kwaidan or O'Iwa Inari Tales of the Tokugawa, Volume 1 (of 2)


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