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  • n. small amount

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A halfpenny-worth; hence, a very small quantity.


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Lit.: half a penny's worth


  • Sorra a hap'orth to spare will I find; it's no me two hands alone can find bread for the mouths

    Live to be Useful or, The Story of Annie Lee and her Irish Nurse

  • "The fact o 'the matter is," said Mr. Joe, who was growing garrulous on an obviously pet subject, "that we aint afeerd o 'the p'lese in this neighborhood, not a hap'orth; _we_ know how to manage them."

    The International Monthly, Volume 3, No. 1, April, 1851

  • "What'r yer lookin 'at, three hap'orth o' pap?" he snarled.

    Sons and Lovers

  • If I had made the least struggle I must have broken both legs, but I let the ladder do just as it pleased, and one-half was so good as to fall clean off one foot, without doing a hap'orth of harm to foot or leg.

    Maria Edgeworth

  • That's the truth, Mary; and if it's choosing a wilful blindness you are, I'm thinking there isn't anyone in this place will ever be giving you a hand's turn or a hap'orth of meal, or be doing the little things you need to keep you at all living in the world.

    The Well of the Saints: A Comedy in Three Acts

  • I sent him to the shop for a hap'orth of snuff 219

    The Nursery Rhyme Book

  • Thady was a small, anxious-looking child, whose pale and peaky face his mother often likened regretfully to a hap'orth of soap after a week's washing.

    Strangers at Lisconnel

  • Never a hap'orth of good was I at anythin 'except the trifle of mathematics, but he was as great at the Classics ....

    Strangers at Lisconnel

  • It don't make a hap'orth of difference to e'er a one of ye!

    The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn

  • It's half a quarter loaf, soaked in hot water with a hap'orth of dripping and a spoonful of salt.

    Prisoners of Poverty Abroad


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