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  • n. An eclectic Korean martial art founded by Young Sul Choi, a student of Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu.


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From Korean 합기도.


  • Listen, there's a math professor of my acquaintance who has a blackbelt in hapkido and regularly kicks my butt when sparring.

    An Open Letter to David Horowitz

  • I had a female hapkido teacher years ago who could fight several men at the same time while blindfolded.

    Choosing Martial Art: A Celebration

  • There was just too much emphasis on katas and robotic self defense techniques, I quit and studied hapkido and aikido.

    Choosing Martial Art: A Celebration

  • Mr. Shuey started studying cane moves in earnest about 10 years ago while practicing hapkido, which incorporates stick fighting at advanced levels.

    Everybody Is 'Cane Fu' Fighting

  • Did you know anything about hapkido before you started work on Re-Gifters, or was there a pretty steep learning curve?

    Guest blogger: Mike Carey

  • What was it about the world of competitive martial arts — hapkido, specifically — that appealed to you as a backdrop for the story?

    Guest blogger: Mike Carey

  • From what I have understood the Korean martial arts taekwondo, hapkido spelling might be wrong use the “way” as well but this is derived from the japanese usage/fashion.

    井の中の蛙 » Usage of ‘dou’ (道) in Japan. » Print

  • Marina, a healthy, intelligent girl who takes tap dancing lessons and hapkido, a type of martial arts, swings across the bars with ease.

    Anything to reach Ryan

  • Simon takes advantage of his brother's skills in tae kwon do and hapkido while taking on some veteran stuntmen such as Cole McKay and Kane Hodder, who appear as members of the Aryan Nation.

    Kung Fu Cinema

  • The event consists of a main performance stage for music and dance, the North Gym for lessons and demonstrations from hapkido self-defense to Egyptian and Lebanese dance, and children's area rooms including crafts and dress-up.

    The Daily Iowan - Online Edition


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