from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The typical and only genus of rodents of the family Haplodontidæ. H. rufus or Aplodontia leporina is the sewellel or Rocky -Mountain beaver.
  • n. A genus of elasmobranchiate fishes.


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  • Arctodus haplodon, suggests that the latter, at a time when what later became a sealed cavern was still an open cleft in the rocks, preyed upon young mastodons, which they may have separated from their mothers and chased over the edge of the cliff-like wall.

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  • Arctodus haplodon was a bear somewhat larger than the grizzly and in weight might well have been quite equal, if not superior, to a young mastodon, judging from the size of the jaws of the latter which we possess.

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