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  • n. Plural form of haplogroup.


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  • These can be used to classify male chromosomes into different groups called haplogroups which, to some extent, reflect a person's geographical ancestry.

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  • "haplogroups," that tend to relate to geographical areas.

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  • They call them haplogroups and haplotypes, which come back probabilities and percentages—and it works.

    The Snow Whale

  • Groups of related haplotypes are bunched together as haplogroups and haplogroups help geneticists track the geographic diversity of human populations over time.

    Shaking the Family Tree

  • In the longest view of human history, people who lived in a particular geographical location, especially if they were isolated, tended to share similar genetic markers, thus similar haplogroups.

    Shaking the Family Tree

  • Sometimes haplogroups are referred to as the branches of the human genetic tree.

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  • Scientists have identified over twenty and counting Y-DNA haplogroups and assigned each of them a letter or letters to differentiate them.

    Shaking the Family Tree

  • By analyzing the information from haplogroups, Y-DNA, and mtDNA, those clever geneticists have been able to trace the origins of human beings back to two genetically specific human beings who lived tens of thousands of years ago.

    Shaking the Family Tree

  • To NowMDJD: Ashkenazim do have potential Khazar elements, in haplogroups in the Q and R divisions of Y-DNA, but those two total only about 16 or 17 percent of Ashkenazic paternal ancestry.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » N.Y. Times on “The Invention of the Jewish People”

  • In addition to their unexpected mitochondrial haplogroups, the three individuals all share one other truly shocking characteristic.

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