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  • n. Plural form of haploid.


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  • Mating of Yeasts happens thru haploids, which is the a or alpha depending on the difference.

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  • Mating of Yeasts happens through haploids, which is the

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  • Mindful of how hapless haploids can be, Tessa and I always begin each sentence on the subject with "Ifwe'reluckyenoughtohavechildren, I think ..."


  • If the haploids back on shore read that, they might think the vampires have the upper hand.


  • Potato breeding for combined resistance to tropical pests by the ploidy level manipulation approach: progress in extraction of haploids with male fertility and 2n pollen.

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  • Fertilization would be in vitro, with a possibility of choosing either of two potential pairs of female-male complements but with no basis for choice unless the genetic charts of haploids are determined precisely, which is difficult and likely to cause genetic damage; I do not think it would be attempted.

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  • When a spermatogonium was observed to change to a primary spermatocyte-still diploid-it would be segregated and at the instant it divided into two secondary spermatocytes-haploids, one with an X chromosome and one with a Y chromosome-they would be again segregated and each would be encouraged to develop into spermatozoa. \par

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  • Fifty-fifty is far too high for a really bad gene; the weeding is drastic, and the incidence drops to a lower percentage each generation, until the incidence of a particular bad gene is so low that reinforcement at fertilization is a rare event, as reinforcement is the square of the incidence; e.g., if one-in-a-hundred haploids carry this bad gene, then it will be reinforced one-in-ten-thousand fertilizations.

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  • Immortal mapping populations will be used as doubled haploids, recombinant inbred lines, nested association mapping (NAM) lines, high resolution lines, and nearly isogenic lines.

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  • The Yeast cells can be ethier diploids which means has homologous one sets of chromosomes or it can be haploids which will contain two sets of chromosomes.

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