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  • adj. Exhibiting haploinsufficiency


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  • Kassahn K, Marcos A, Ragan M (2008) Identification of human haploinsufficient genes and their genomic proximity to segmental duplications.

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  • Hence, it appears that pressures on correct dosage limit the set of genes which can sustain variation in copy-number, even though the effect of CNVs on gene expression is not straightforward. et al. [64] reported that haploinsufficient genes are seldomly found between two regions of segmental duplication.

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  • The genes found to be toxic when overexpressed did not overlap with the haploinsufficient genes described by Deutschbauer et al., and were not significantly enriched for protein complexes.

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  • They reported only 3% of genes to be haploinsufficient.

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  • On the other hand, quantitative changes in the level of their activity can be consequential and can in fact be determinative, as seen by the profound effects and partial sex reversal shown in individuals heterozygous and thereby haploinsufficient for FOXL2 or SOX9.

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  • In both of these species, only 3-5 % of the deletions are haploinsufficient.

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  • Because the Gsk3ß-null mice die in utero [48], we analyzed the trabecular bone in the distal femoral metaphysis of mice haploinsufficient for

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  • High bone mass (HBM) in Gsk3β haploinsufficient female mice

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  • Interestingly, Aurora A heterozygosity results in a significantly increased tumor incidence in mice, suggesting that Aurora A may also act as a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor.

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  • Yang C, Levine AJ, Heintz N (2003) Beclin 1, an autophagy gene essential for early embryonic development, is a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor.

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