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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of happen.


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  • P.S. had you luckily happen'd to put in your invitation the day of the month as well as the day of the week, perhaps it might have turn'd out otherwise.

    Letter 229

  • I have never seen nor heard the man or woman who, speaking of the subject did not applaud his zeal for me, and at the same time either condemn with anger, or ridicule his want of judgment, his arrogance, or his vanity; just which they happen'd to hit upon, as in their opinion the most applicable.

    Letter 186

  • This happen'd just as I was busy with my domestic migration and harrassd my mind, and strength to the there utmost pitch of safety.

    Letter 276

  • It happen'd from a casual fall by no means singular in itself, meerly a fall in the Garden on the flat path.

    Letter 249

  • I yesterday sought after purple trimings at the warehouse where they are made, but it happen'd unfortunately they had none of that colour of any kind I then search'd the shoemakers 'windows, but could find every sort but the right.

    Letter 52

  • Give our best respects to Sister Bet, we are glad she is got through the hour of trepidation, and that her boy happen'd to come on my Mary's 14th birthday.

    Letter 209

  • It happen'd in that part of the Southill road leading down to the lodge gate from peppercorn's farm, and not far from a large Single Oak which you may remember standing on the right, near the roadside.

    Letter 299

  • Her Father finding out what had happen'd, with the utmost Anger turn'd her out of Doors, to find that


  • Death of the Ravisher; the other two, who were at a Distance, perceiving what happen'd, came running to assist their Master, where one of them immediately met his Fate, and was sent by the Stranger's Sword to serve his Master in the other World, which his Companion seeing, he made his


  • Exilia and I happen'd to meet, our disconsolate Circumstances having, it seems, the like Effect on us both, which conducted us into this



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